Jurgen Klopp about Real Madrid: “I don´t believe in revenge”

The coach spoke to the media about the Champions League final.
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Jurgen Klopp spoke to the media about the matchup with Real Madrid and how tough it’ll be to take down the 13-time winners. “It is a Champions League final, so we see that and nobody feels the pain from Sunday anymore,” he said.

“We are really just looking forward to this game against an incredibly strong opponent, the most experienced opponent you can probably get in this competition”.

“We don’t think because we won two competitions now and were close in a third competition that we wouldn’t care about that. That is, of course, not the case”, Jurgen Klopp stated.

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“You never know how often you will reach a Champions League final, so you better use the few opportunities you get… For us, it is now really special, the third time in the last five years. That is really special with this group.”

Liverpool will have to take on Real Madrid, who are experts in this competition and the coach was asked about whether or not Los Blancos are a daunting opponent to face. They’ve won it so many times, but that doesn’t mean they will be a bit softer, I couldn’t see that in the semi-final, quarter-final or last 16,” the coach said.

“Their desire is on a maximum level from their side and will be on a maximum level from our side, but it feels better to know you have won it already than to know you never won it before. It is nicer that today I don’t have to talk about the last six finals I lost or whatever, it’s really much nicer.”

Reflecting on the 2018 final, when the Reds lost to Real MadridJurgen Klopp dismissed talk of revenge.