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Mississippi´s Lottery MS Match 5 Winning Numbers & Results June 18th, 2022

Famous Mississippi´s Lottery MS Match 5 daily games and draw take place everyday. Each prize goes up to a total of $500,000!

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How to play Mississippi´s Lottery MS Match 5


For each play, chose five (5) numbers from 1 to 35 in the play area OR select Quick Pick just below the numbers if you want the terminal to choose your numbers. You also can choose less than five numbers and have the terminal complete your play slip by selecting Quick Pick.


For an additional $1 per play per draw, you can increase your non-jackpot prize two, three, four or even five times by selecting the Multiplier on your play slip or by asking the retailer for the Multiplier option. The Multiplier is randomly assigned to each purchased play, but remember to fill in the Multiplier box if you want to multiply your winnings. Players whose ticket matches two numbers and utilizing the Multiplier option will win a free Quick Pick ticket for each number of the Multiplier. (Example: If just two numbers on a ticket match the drawing numbers and the Multiplier is 3, a player will be awarded three free Quick Pick tickets for the next drawing.)


For your convenience, tickets can be purchased for up to 24 consecutive drawings, including the current drawing by choosing Multi-Draw ($2 per play per drawing, or if Multiplier is selected, $3 per play per drawing). Your ticket will be valid for the draw dates shown on the front of the ticket.

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