Professional Poker player Corey Zeidman arrested in betting scheme

In an operation headed up by Homeland Security, the professional poker player was brought to justice along with his accomplices.
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According to reports this past Wednesday, Corey Zeidman, a 61 year old professional poker was arrested. He has been indicted on federal charges of conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud as well as conspiracy to commit money laundering. 

It is understood that the federal indictment was handed down by the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York. The indictment alleges that Zeidman and a number of other co-conspirators accumulated in excess of $25 million across the last 16 years as a result of their illegal activities.

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What exactly was he involved in?

What the indictment makes clear is that Rediman, who was actually the leader of the organization, worked alongside others to promote the notion of that they possessed privileged insider information connected to a host of “fixed games”.

The report goes on to indicate that Zeidman along with his partners “placed misleading radio ads in various U.S. markets, claiming to have a ‘sophisticated white-collar approach to gathering sports information.’” As it now stands, that claim was very much false.

Who’s more wrong, Corey Zeidman or his ‘client?’

Speaking on the scenario, Homeland Security Investigations New York acting special agent in charge Ricky J. Patel was frank. “As alleged, Zeidman preyed on individuals who were led to believe he had inside information that would lead them to easy money. In reality, he was selling nothing but lies and misinformation—bilking millions from victims along the way, leaving their lives in financial ruin and their bank accounts empty.”