Johnny Deep VS Amber Heard: is there a veredict?

The trial is supposed to end this week, but the veredict is expected to be released by the end of the month.
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After a week-long break, both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were back in court this Monday to continue the trial. Both may have been hoping for a swift end to the very public airing of their bed problems, but both still have nearly two weeks left to convince the jury of their argument.

The trial was scheduled to end on Thursday May 19. However, with significant evidence yet to be considered extra time has been given to ensure the jury is in full appreciation of the information they have been given.

The new end date for the trial is May 27. This won’t be the end of proceedings, as the jury will still need to give their verdict on whether Heard did defame Depp in her Washington Post article.

Johnny Deep and Amber Heard: What has happened this week?

Attorneys for Johnny Depp have attempted to discredit Amber Heard’s abuse claims in the former couple’s defamation trial on Tuesday, introducing a knife she gave as a gift to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star and affectionate notes she wrote to him.

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At the start of Tuesday’s proceedings, lawyer Camille Vasquez asked jurors to examine the knife Heard bought for Depp in 2012. Heard had testified that Depp had already become violent toward her by that time.

“This is the knife you gave to the man who would get drunk and violent toward you?” the lawyer asked. “This is the knife I gave him as a present, yes,” she said, adding that she did not think he would stab her with it.

Depp has testified that he never hit Heard and argued that she was the abuser in their relationship. He said she threw a vodka bottle at him in early 2015, severing the top of his right middle finger.

Heard said she did not cause the finger injury and said she only hit him to defend herself or her sister.