From Superheroe to ‘fat guy’: Dave Bautista´s incredible transformation

The former WWE wrestler shared a photo of his transformation for a new movie.
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Last updated: 26 May, 2022 15:59

Dave Bautista

First a heavyweight wrestling champion in WWE and then an eternally shirtless Drax the Destroyeren ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. Dave Bautista´s success is undeniable. At a recent stage in his career, with action roles in ‘See,’ ‘Army of the Dead’ and ‘Dune,’ he told Men’s Health that he ate every four hours to support his progress, something he further stated was “in my contract.”

But in a recent Instagram post, Dave Bautista´s revealed that he has undergone a bulky body transformation for his upcoming role. While sharing a selfie in the mirror on the set of the new thriller ‘Knock on the cabin’.

He explained to his followers that he had gained weight to achieve the “fat state”, and also joked about the first rule of mirror selfies: “Make sure the glass is clean”.

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Here’s Dave Bautista’s famous selfie

“So I was trying to take a solid pic of myself to document my transition to fatty status. Which will soon come to an end thank god!” the actor wrote in the caption.

“Upon inspection of this pic I noticed a few issues. 1: Let’s start with the obvious. You can see my balls. 2: Apparently I brush my teeth in a way that toothpaste flies all over the bathroom. I’ll have to work on that. 3: I have officially turned into the grouchy emoji,” he added.